Volunteer Opportunities

Event Support, Tier 1

Unbound frequently presents to various groups and participate in table events. Volunteers would assist the speaker with gathering and displaying printed materials, setting up equipment and being available to answer questions about Unbound and human trafficking.

Speaker Team, Tier 2

Our speakers present to various audiences a range of specialized trainings, equipping them to understand, identify and respond to trafficking in their own sphere.

JVUB, Tier 3

JVUB is our youth-prevention program for girls on probation in Brazoria and Galveston Counties. These two-session courses empower girls to see their own value, make wiser decisions, understand who to trust and recognize potentially exploitative situations.

Youth For Christ Mentorship Program

Youth For Christ is a mentorship program that connects kids in need with safe adults who become the child’s support system and positive role model. We refer participants from our JVUB Galveston class to YFC to connect them to a local mentor. For both boys and girls, we believe mentorship is a powerful way to prevent trafficking by investing into a youth’s self-esteem, support system, and ability to make informed decisions. If you are interested, click here to learn more.

Steps to Volunteer

Tier 1

Volunteer Application

Agreement and Release

Tier 2

Volunteer Application

Agreement and Release

Unbound Foundations Course

Tier 3

Volunteer Application

Agreement and Release

Unbound Core Course

County specific training and background checks

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